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My name is Sharon Portnay and I’m a dietician and weight loss coach from Southern California. I know how incredibly difficult it can be to lose weight and am a firm believer in trying out a variety of approaches.

FoodLabelNutrition.com is dedicated to informing the reader about diet, nutrition, and general fitness. I also review a variety of heath products that might benefit someone who is trying to lose weight.

There are an overwhelming number of weight loss products available today. Most will not help you, but some just might be the key to success. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. My advice is: Try Everything!

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Table of Contents

A Model for Weight Loss
Nineties Woman
Diet Pills; Case One
Dietitian Debunks the “Nutrobabble”
PhenQ Review
Are Diet Foods Good for Those on Diets?
Diet Should Be No Barrier; Diabetics
A Fat Free Future – Fat Chance?
Sweet Pill to Swallow
3 Week Diet Review
It’s Lent: The Official Time to Start Sinning
No Gain, Just Pain; Yoga
Therapy That’s All in the Mind; Alternative Health
Yoga Bends Back the Years
Yoga Burn Review