Are PhenQ Weight Loss Pills a Scam?

It’s understandable that some people might think PhenQ is a scam.

Weight loss pills don’t have the greatest reputation in the first place.

Many of them don’t work. Others have bad side effects. What’s really in these pills anyway?

I spend a lot of my time testing products like PhenQ to see if they work. I will usually test a weight loss product for two full months before I decide whether it’s any good.

Even if a product doesn’t work for me, I don’t necessarily consider it a scam.

But if I try to return a product that doesn’t work, and don’t get a refund, even though I’m supposed to get one—then I consider it a scam.

I Tested PhenQ Myself

I bought a two-month supply of these pills and recorded my weight every morning when I got up.

I ate a normal diet and did light to moderate exercise, which is what I usually do.

If I lost any weight during these two months, it would be because of the diet pills alone.

To make a long story short, I lost 9.7 pounds during that time period. It was a pretty steady loss too. I lost 5.6 pounds in the first 30 days and 4.1 pounds after that.

For me, PhenQ was a total success. Most people would be thrilled to lose almost 10 pounds in two months without really trying!

Because I got such good results, I never tried to return the product for a refund. The company that manufactures PhenQ offers a money-back guarantee that’s good for 60 days after you make a purchase.

I honestly believe you would get a refund if you asked for one. The PhenQ website provides easy-to-find ways to contact the company for help. There’s a phone number, an e-mail address, and even a chat window.

In my experience, having such detailed contact information shows that a company is reputable and can be trusted. Customer service is important when it comes to online businesses.

In addition,—a leading consumer protection website—gives the company that manufactures PhenQ an A- rating.

is PhenQ a scam

Nearly 200,000 People Can’t Be Wrong

Another sign that a company is reputable and not running a scam is if they’ve been in business for a while.

The company that sells PhenQ has been around for a long time. During that time, they’ve sold these weight loss pills to nearly 200,000 customers.

This product isn’t available in stores. You can only buy it from the official product website.

Buying from this site means that you’ll automatically become eligible for the money-back guarantee.

Another reason to buy this product from the official website is to make sure that you’re getting authentic PhenQ pills. If you see them offered on Ebay or even Amazon, stay away. They could be fake, or counterfeit, diet pills.

The official website also runs “flash sales” which offer a further 10% – 20% off the purchase price. You should be presented with a coupon code when you visit the site which will save you money.

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