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Real PhenQ Customer Reviews

PhenQ has been bought by almost 200,000 customers worldwide. Many of them keep re-ordering, making it one of the bestselling diet pills of all time.

One of the main reasons why PhenQ is so popular is because it is totally safe to use, unlike prescription diet pills.

Here are some real customer testimonials and reviews of PhenQ. (You can also check out my personal results.)

“Like a lot of people who are overweight, I finally had an experience that was so embarrassing that it really woke me up. While going out with co-workers for dinner, I found that I couldn’t sit in the chairs—they were too small for me! This is when I finally decided to lose weight. With a combination of exercise, proper diet, and a supply of PhenQ, I lost 44 pounds! Nobody thought I could do it, and I don’t think I would have been nearly so successful without this amazing product to help me avoid the food cravings I surely would have experienced. My life has totally changed as a result of losing so much weight. Because of my newfound confidence, I was even able to get a better job. I really feel like a different person!”
–Taylor (44-pound loss)

“I’ve never had problems with my weight, but once I hit 30 I started packing on the pounds. When I reached 200 pounds I decided to do something about it and started taking PhenQ diet pills. In two weeks I started to see results. That encouraged me to really try hard and I actually lost 11 pounds in one month! I feel great, with lots more energy, and my wife is really proud of me. These pills just seems to melt away the pounds!”
–Martin (11-pound loss)

“I gained a lot of weight when I started working from home. I wasn’t seeing people as much and food was readily available so….you can guess what happened. I just ate way too many carbohydrates. I bought PhenQ and almost immediately felt more in control of what I was eating every day. These diet pills really reduced my appetite and that encouraged me to start exercising. After 10 weeks I had lost 9 pounds and I started to fit into my clothes again, which was a huge relief.”
–Stephanie (9-pound loss)

“I decided to lose weight when I couldn’t keep up with my kids at the playground. I felt serious enough to order PhenQ to help me. It really helped me stay disciplined and on schedule. I kept with it and lost 20 pounds in 5 months! I recommend this product but it’s important to keep using it and staying with the program.”
–Jack (20-pound loss)

“I was a stay-at-home Mom and couldn’t help snacking all the time. I knew it was a problem and decided to order PhenQ as I had seen it advertised and it seemed to be the answer. It really, really worked well for me. I lost 20 pounds in only 3 months. I was able to cut out the snacking entirely and that did it. Dieting never worked for me, but this product turned out to be a winner! Thank goodness.”
–Emma (20-pound loss)

“I only used PhenQ for one month as I just wanted to take off some weight around my middle. During that month I exercised and tried to be healthy. I ended up losing 9 pounds! I’m going to continue using this product for another three months to achieve weight loss goals I never thought I’d ever reach.”
-Hadley (9-pound loss)