Yoga Burn Review – Weight Loss Yoga?

In this post, I review Yoga Burn, a popular yoga program that people kept telling me about. “You have to try Yoga Burn” they’d say. Finally, I did. And it really changed my whole approach to yoga.

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I love yoga! But believe me, that wasn’t always the case. Yes, I used to “do yoga” but I secretly didn’t enjoy it much.

First you have to travel to your class, then find a place for your mat, deal with other people, and the worst part is you never really know if the yoga you’re doing is truly what’s best for you.

I found yoga class stressful so I decided to do yoga at home by watching some videos. The videos were ok, but they’re very repetitive. I wasn’t progressing. And again, I wasn’t really sure if what I was doing was best for ME.

And that’s the problem with a one-size-fits-all approach to yoga. Ultimately it’s not really going to work. I felt like I was just spinning my wheels.

Crowded Yoga Class

The Yoga Burn program is different. First of all, it’s designed exclusively for women who want to lose weight and get toned in a natural and healthy way without going to the gym.

Another reason Yoga Burn is different is because it uses a powerful technique called Dynamic Sequencing.

Dynamic Sequencing means that you will move from level to level progressively, increasing the challenges only when you are ready to do so. This helps you actually improve at yoga while staying engaged with the program.

And believe me, once you start to see the results you’ll really get into it!

Yoga Burn isn’t available in stores. You can purchase it HERE. Once you do so, you’ll have immediate access to the videos. And if you don’t like the program for any reason, you can easily get your money back.

The Story of Yoga Burn

Zoe Bray-Cotton

Yoga Burn was created by internationally-certified yoga instructor and personal trainer Zoe Bray-Cotton. For years, Zoe struggled with self-image and happiness issues, despite doing yoga. She finally began to figure out what she was doing wrong and started on the path which led to her success.

Not surprisingly, Zoe discovered that other women had experienced the same kinds of problems with yoga that she had, and she decided to create Yoga Burn.

The response was incredible, and Yoga Burn continues to be a best-selling yoga program that has changed the lives of thousands of women.

Yoga Burn delivers the maximum fat-burning and body-toning results in as little time as possible. It allows you to enjoy the incredible benefits of yoga without leaving the privacy of your own home. And it’s a lot cheaper than joining expensive gyms or taking yoga classes.

But the real difference between Yoga Burn and other programs is that Yoga Burn is truly a journey. It takes you through a progression of moves and challenges that are designed for you as a woman, taking into account your experience, flexibility, and goals.

The result is that you’ll actually get better at yoga. And you won’t get bored. In fact, like many people who have tried this program, you’ll find yourself having “a-ha” moments where you finally “get” yoga.

It happened to me. And it’s a great feeling because yoga really is the best way to get that strong, toned, healthy look that women strive for today. Think Jennifer Aniston, who happens to be a big yoga enthusiast.

To get an idea of what Yoga Burn is like, please watch this short video. It tells you the 3 biggest mistakes people do when they practice yoga.

yoga burn video

Another reason why Yoga Burn is unique is because of its 3-phase program. Each phase can be described as a “flow”. The 3 flows are:

Foundational Flow – this first phase lasts about 4 weeks, and shows you how to execute proper form while building up your mind-body connection. It’s important to build a solid yoga foundation because it will help you avoid injury, which is an increasing problem in yoga classes that are one-size-fit-all.

This unique set of yoga positions and sequences is for beginner and advanced students. All the videos in the Yoga Burn program have plenty of modifications so you can tailor them to your own personal fitness level.

Transitional Flow – The second phase teaches you how to combine all the moves you’ve learned in phase 1 into a fluent flow. This is when you’ll start to work a little harder but the results will be worth it.

This phase targets all the large muscle groups. As you increase your heart rate you’ll begin to burn more calories. You’ll lose weight while building that healthy-looking yoga-toned body you’ve always wanted!

Mastery Flow – The final phase is where you really start doing yoga sequences that are hot enough to significantly increase your metabolism and build muscle. This phase is more targeted and will really start to transform your upper and lower body.

Because of this unique 3-phase progression, you can feel confident knowing that you are totally ready to increase each challenge and not fear injury. Because you are finally doing yoga the right way!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga Burn

Q: Is Yoga Burn for total beginners?

A: Absolutely! And if you do find the movements and poses too difficult there are always modifications available so you can start slow and build up.

Q: Can pregnant women do this program?

A: Yes. There are actually bonus videos called “Beginner Flow” and “Tranquility Flow” which are perfect for ALL stages of pregnancy.

Q: What does Yoga Burn come with?

A: The videos can be immediately downloaded on your computer but you’ll also receive hard copies on DVD in the mail as well.

Q: Can I get my money back if I don’t like it?

A: Yes. Yoga Burn comes with a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. This guarantee is in effect for 60 days after you make the purchase which is more than enough time to see if you like the product.

Q: Who sells Yoga Burn?

A: This program can only be purchased HERE through a retailer called Clickbank. This company has been in business for 17 years and is a major player in the online retail world.

And you don’t have to worry about your credit information because Clickbank uses a secure, 128-bit encryption socket layer. It’s actually safer to buy a product from Clickbank than it is buying gas at your local gas station!

Yoga for Women

The Amazing Benefits of Yoga

Yoga could be unique as the fitness trend that didn’t meet an early death. First introduced to the Western public in the early 1960s, it has maintained a high level of popularity ever since and not just with the rice cakes and chakra crowd.

The recent development of dynamic yoga, which is featured in Yoga Burn and is a faster, more aerobic version of the classic technique, has ensured hundreds of new devotees.

The real key to yoga’s continuing popularity, however, has to be the fact that it claims to offer much more than a taut behind and rock-hard abdominals. The anecdotal health and psychological benefits of this ancient Indian discipline are legendary, and are now starting to attract interest from the conventional medical establishment.

The term yoga comes from a Sanskrit word that means to direct one’s attention, and is mentioned in texts as early as the 4th century BC. It now looks set to move into its next phase, with recognition as a respected complementary medical therapy alongside the likes of osteopathy and acupuncture.

At the forefront of the move to try to establish yoga’s reputation as something more than just an exotic stretch class is the London based Yoga Biomedical Trust. The trust was set up in 1983 by Dr. Robin Monro, a research biochemist whose chronic asthma was, he believes, cured by yoga some 20 years ago. It seeks to collate yoga research from around the world while working with conventional medical specialists to develop its therapeutic qualities.

“Although the health benefits of yoga have been discussed for centuries,” says Monro, “there has up until recently been little hard scientific evidence to substantiate any of the claims. The Yoga Biomedical Trust is a much needed scientific research and specialized training base for the technique.”

The good news is that it appears the simpler positions are as effective as the more advanced limb contortions. These simpler positions are the ones used in Yoga Burn, which is tailored for women and emphasizes weight-loss.

Since the trust’s inception, Monro’s team has run two clinical trials and psychological studies of its own, looking at how yoga can affect sufferers of late-onset diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Research into the effects of yoga on asthma and ageing is currently underway. Results so far appear to show that yoga encourages profound improvements in health, particularly in conditions with strong psychosomatic elements.

“In the late-onset diabetes trial that we ran in conjunction with the diabetic services department of the Royal Free hospital in London, we gave 10 sufferers a basic daily yoga program and monitored them against a control group of 10 sufferers who maintained their usual diet, exercise and medication program,” explains Monro. “Blood glucose levels dropped significantly in the yoga group but remained the same in the control group.”

The relaxation element of yoga appears to reduce the effects of stress which cause the body’s glucose levels to rise and can be a trigger for diabetes. Yoga has also been found to help boost poor circulation, which can be a big problem for diabetics, particularly in their hands and feet.

The emphasis on breathing correctly seems to help asthmatics; the diaphragm is, after all, a muscle and with practice, coupled with concentration, it can be trained to measurably increase lung capacity. Poor posture, which inhibits efficient breathing, is already believed to be one of the factors behind the recent explosion in asthma rates, and physiotherapists have reported successes in improving the condition among certain sufferers.

Yoga also seems to help control the appetite, important news for the overweight, who are at high risk of developing diabetes in later life. And this is the main selling-point for programs like Yoga Burn, which teaches women how to do yoga that melts fat away.

According to Monro, the prognosis looks equally bright for a host of other health problems. “We now have good evidence to show that sufferers of asthma, high blood pressure, migraine, digestive disorders, lower back pain, anxiety attacks and some forms of arthritis can all benefit from yoga.” Here’s a video which covers even more health benefits of doing yoga:

Practicing yoga regularly for between 20 and 30 minutes a day appears not only to improve health but can also decrease the need for a considerable amount of medication. But attending your local yoga class on a daily basis with the idea of beating migraines or asthma is not going to work, says Monro. “Specific breathing exercises and postures have to be tailored to the individual’s health, age, fitness level and flexibility for yoga to work as a therapy,” he says. “You need to know what will work for your condition and, just as importantly, what to avoid.”

The health benefits of yoga appear to be attributable not simply to the physical postures themselves for, as Monro is quick to point out, “yoga should not be classed as an alternative form of physiotherapy” but to the unique breathing technique and holistic philosophy behind the regime.

Controlled breathing and learning how to slow the pulse rate and relax help to alleviate stress and seem to go a long way towards soothing the psychosomatic symptoms associated with many health problems.

“Without a doubt, stress and anxiety are symptoms of many of the health problems seen in most doctors’ surgeries. Relaxation techniques such as yoga can play a valuable part in recovery.”

The welcome news for the unfit, and those concerned that they might be unable to contort themselves as required, is that the movements and postures used for yoga therapy have been kept extremely simple and are easily adapted to age, ability and fitness level. This is yet another selling point for Yoga Burn, which stresses a gradual building of ability that women of all ages can tailor their needs to.