My PhenQ Results After 30 Days

I love testing products to see for myself whether they work or not. A couple of months ago I decided to test PhenQ, the popular diet pill.

For my test, I started using the product on the first of the month.

I weighed myself every morning for 30 days and recorded my weight daily on an Excel spreadsheet. (By the way, studies show that weighing yourself every day can help you lose weight.)

During this time, I didn’t try to diet or exercise a lot. This way, I figured any weight loss I experienced would be the result of the diet pills alone.

OK, so what were my PhenQ results after 30 days?

When I stepped on the scale on the first of the month, I weighed 144.4 pounds. At the end of the month I stepped on the scale for the final time. I weighed 138.8. A loss of 5.6 pounds!

Considering that I wasn’t even trying to diet or exercise much, I thought these were very strong results.

My PhenQ Results After 30 Days

Here’s a graph of my results taken from my Excel spreadsheet.

I was so pumped by these results after 30 days that I decided to keep going for another 30 days. I wanted to see if the first month was a fluke or not.

I started the second month weighing 138.8 pounds. I finished at 134.7. Another good weight loss, this time of 4.1 pounds!

In total, I lost close to 10 pounds. I didn’t starve myself or spend hours working out. I simply took the diet pills and went about my life.

My PhenQ Results After 60 Days


Not only did this supplement help me lose weight quickly and effortlessly, but it did so without any negative side effects.

Diet pills are notorious for making people jittery and restless, but I didn’t experience anything bad.

My mood was good during the two months; I had lots of energy, and I slept well.

Money-Saving Tips

PhenQ pills aren’t cheap. But if you buy a 2-month supply you get a free bottle. So that’s a 3-month supply for $140.

Not too bad, really. It’s cheaper than a gym membership.

I did some research on the company that makes PhenQ and they’re totally legit. I also found their customer service to be very professional and quick to respond.

I recommend purchasing PhenQ from the official website, because you can be sure of getting an authentic product.

Just as importantly, when you buy from their website you also become eligible for the money-back guarantee.

This guarantee states that if you return the pills within 60 days you can get a full refund.

I didn’t try to do this because these diet pills really worked for me, but I couldn’t find any customer complaints about not being able to receive the refund.

PhenQ is one of the best products that I’ve ever tested. I wish more people knew about this product, because losing weight is such a big problem for so many people.

These diet pills seem to be an ideal solution!

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