OTC Appetite Suppressant Similar to Phentermine

Phentermine is an amphetamine-like prescription medication that suppresses the appetite. It’s often prescribed to men and women who are very overweight.

It’s not recommended for most people who want to lose weight. Why? Because phentermine has a lot of bad side effects. It can cause insomnia, anxiety, nausea, nervousness, and more. It’s also highly addictive.

So many people ask, what’s a good over-the-counter appetite suppressant similar to phentermine?

I recommend a natural weight loss supplement called PhenQ.

This product suppresses the appetite without bad side effects. It is not a prescription medication and can be ordered online.

The great thing about PhenQ is that it not only suppresses the appetite, but it also burns fat. Eat less, burn more. This is a powerful combination that really works!

Unlike phentermine, PhenQ is totally safe to use. There are no bad side effects whatsoever. It can be taken every day, for as long as you need to.

A lot of people would love to lose some weight without much effort, and especially without the side effects associated with prescription drugs like phentermine.

The ingredients in this supplement include herbal extracts, minerals, micronutrients, and amino acids. But maybe the most important ingredient is something called α-Lacys Reset®.

This ingredient is proprietary, which means that it’s owned by the company that manufactures PhenQ. No other supplement contains it.

Studies have been conducted upon α-Lacys Reset®. The results were pretty amazing.

Compared to subjects taking a placebo, subjects taking α-Lacys Reset® lost nearly 8% of their fat. And they lost about 3.5% of their body weight. Plus, they increased their muscle mass by nearly 4%.

The proprietary ingredient α-Lacys Reset® is more of a fat burner than an appetite suppressant. But there are other natural ingredients in PhenQ that are very effective at suppressing the appetite.

This is why this product is so popular. It both suppresses the appetite and burns fat. With no side effects whatsoever.

No wonder some people have called PhenQ the “Holy Grail” of weight loss supplements!

PhenQ is a well-known product. Nearly 200,000 people from all over the world have ordered it. It’s especially popular in France, where they really know how to stay slim.

But not everyone is going to be satisfied, for whatever reason. That’s not a problem.

When you purchase this product from the official website you become eligible for the refund guarantee.

The refund policy states that you have 60 days to try the product out. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can return it for a full refund. Just send back the empty bottles.

The company expects that some people will do this. They accept that it’s the price of doing business.

But most people are satisfied with PhenQ, and many re-order it again and again. But it’s nice to know that you won’t waste your money if you don’t like it.

About the worst thing that can happen if you buy this product is that it won’t work for you. You don’t have to worry about getting addicted or suffering from any kind of side effects. And you won’t lose your money.

I’d say it’s worth a try!

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