Real PhenQ Customer Reviews and Testimonials

PhenQ has been bought by almost 200,000 customers worldwide. Many of them keep re-ordering, making it one of the bestselling diet pills of all time.

Here are some real customer testimonials and reviews of PhenQ. (You can also check out my personal results.)

“Like a lot of people who are overweight, I finally had an experience that was so embarrassing that it really woke me up. While going out with co-workers for dinner, I found that I couldn’t sit in the chairs—they were too small for me! This is when I finally decided to lose weight. With a combination of exercise, proper diet, and a supply of PhenQ, I lost 44 pounds! Nobody thought I could do it, and I don’t think I would have been nearly so successful without this amazing product to help me avoid the food cravings I surely would have experienced. My life has totally changed as a result of losing so much weight. Because of my newfound confidence, I was even able to get a better job. I really feel like a different person!”
–Taylor (44-pound loss)


“I’ve never had problems with my weight, but once I hit 30 I started packing on the pounds. When I reached 200 pounds I decided to do something about it and started taking PhenQ diet pills. In two weeks I started to see results. That encouraged me to really try hard and I actually lost 11 pounds in one month! I feel great, with lots more energy, and my wife is really proud of me. These pills just seems to melt away the pounds!”
–Martin (11-pound loss)

“I gained a lot of weight when I started working from home. I wasn’t seeing people as much and food was readily available so….you can guess what happened. I bought PhenQ and almost immediately felt more in control of what I was eating every day. These diet pills really reduced my appetite and that encouraged me to start exercising. After 10 weeks I had lost 9 pounds and I started to fit into my clothes again, which was a huge relief.”
–Stephanie (9-pound loss)

“I decided to lose weight when I couldn’t keep up with my kids at the playground. I felt serious enough to order PhenQ to help me. It really helped me stay disciplined and on schedule. I kept with it and lost 20 pounds in 5 months! I recommend this product but it’s important to keep using it and staying with the program.”
–Jack (20-pound loss)

“I was a stay-at-home Mom and couldn’t help snacking all the time. I knew it was a problem and decided to order PhenQ as I had seen it advertised and it seemed to be the answer. It really, really worked well for me. I lost 20 pounds in only 3 months. I was able to cut out the snacking entirely and that did it. Dieting never worked for me, but this product turned out to be a winner! Thank goodness.”
–Emma (20-pound loss)

“I only used PhenQ for one month as I just wanted to take off some weight around my middle. During that month I exercised and tried to be healthy. I ended up losing 9 pounds! I’m going to continue using this product for another three months to achieve weight loss goals I never thought I’d ever reach.”
-Hadley (9-pound loss)