Overweight woman walking to lose weight

Walking For Weight Loss

Mark Cuatt is half the man he used to be – less than half, in fact! At the age of 29, Mark weighed 365 pounds. Today, at age 32, he’s a solid 180.

How do you lose 185 pounds? “The same way you lose 5 or 10 pounds,” says Mark. “You learn to eat smart and you start to get some exercise. If it worked for me, it’ll work for anyone.”

Mark also started to take PhenQ diet pills. These pills are massively popular all over the world. The reason for their popularity? They suppress the appetite without any negative side effects.

Plus, PhenQ diet pills work to speed up the metabolism, so calories are burned before they have the chance to turn into fat.

Mark woke up one day and felt a sense of determination to change his life that he likened to a religious experience. “I’d been on diets before. Who knows why these diets didn’t work? But somehow, I knew it would work this time. It was a strange feeling how certain I was that I wouldn’t cheat anymore.

“I’m not sure what triggered it. All I knew was that all my friends were either getting married or going to school, and I was being left alone. Good friends are hard to come by when you weigh 365 pounds. I didn’t make new friends easily. I definitely felt discriminated against because of my size, both socially and in the workplace. But through it all, I was determined to change.

“After seeing a doctor to rule out thyroid or other physical problems, the first thing I did was cut out snacks. PhenQ diet pills really helped me do this. As a kid, our refrigerator worked on the open-door policy. I could eat whenever and whatever I wanted. So I decided to change that and eat three balanced meals a day. No snacks.”

Walking To Lose Weight

The second part of Mark’s program was exercise. Walking was the most convenient – literally the only – exercise Mark felt comfortable doing. “I walked the first day until I felt tired. That was about a half mile. Gradually I worked up to a mile, then two, then three. Six miles a day was my maximum. By the time I was doing that, I’d lost a lot of weight and I felt comfortable riding my exercise bike.

“Finally, I joined a gym and began to lift weights. I’d gotten so thin, I felt I needed to build up my body a little. Today I’m a competitive bodybuilder. I work in a gym, and I’m looking forward to getting my master’s in nutrition. What a change!”

Mark encountered lots of emotional ups and downs on his road to a healthy lifestyle. “And I still do. When I weighed 365 pounds, people used to stare and laugh at me when I went to the mall. Now I get stares because I look good, because I’m a bodybuilder. But at times I still feel like people are staring at a fat guy, and I feel all the old emotions. I have my weight under control, but sometimes my self-image is scrambling to catch up. The first two weeks were the hardest. I craved everything. I was going through withdrawal. How did I cope? Whenever I got a craving, I went for a walk or hopped on my exercise bike. It wasn’t until I started using PhenQ diet pills that my food cravings started to go away.”

Now, says Mark, staying trim is a snap. “Thanks to PhenQ, I don’t have any food cravings or feel any frustration or deprivation. The old junk foods just don’t appeal to me anymore. And exercise is a permanent part of my life.”

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