Phen375 Review – A Safe and Effective Diet Pill?

In this post we review a new diet pill called Phen375. At some point, everybody who wants to lose weight considers taking diet pills. Can you really lose weight just by taking a pill? And can you do it safely?


For a lot of people, diet pills have a bad reputation. This is because traditional diet pills often contain dangerous amphetamine-like stimulants. They might work in the short term but they can be highly addictive and will ultimately damage your body.

The trend these days is towards all-natural diet pills, like Phen375. These types of diet pills contain natural herbs, minerals, and amino-acids that may speed up your body’s metabolism and help you resist food cravings without any negative side effects.

Many women in Europe use natural diet pills like Phen375 to keep slim. Their culture frowns upon snacking so appetite suppressants are very popular.

Overeating and snacking between meals is why most people gain weight. And very few men and women have the long-term discipline to just eat less every day. So a natural appetite suppressant like Phen375 may really be the answer for many people who want to lose weight.

But Phen375 is more than just an appetite suppressant. Its ingredients may work to speed up your metabolism as well. A fast metabolism burns calories more efficiently so they’re less likely to become fat.

For people who struggle to lose weight, Phen375 may really be the fastest and easiest way to get rid of stubborn body fat!

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Why Starving Yourself Does NOT Work!

So many people try to get rid of their fat by eating very little. This seems like the simplest and surest way to lose weight, doesn’t it?

But drastically reducing your caloric intake is a very bad idea. When you don’t eat, your body goes into starvation mode. It slows down your metabolism so every calorie can be preserved for as long as possible.

This is the very opposite of what you want to happen. So don’t think about skipping meals. You need to eat food on a regular basis. Eating food keeps your metabolism burning calories at a healthy rate.

But if you want to lose weight you must reduce your portions and not snack between meals.

And this is exactly what a natural diet pill like Phen375 is designed to do. It can help you gain control over your eating. Once you have control, everything else falls into place and you’re on your way to becoming slimmer and healthier!

Why Don’t More People Use Natural Diet Pills Like Phen375?

People are getting more and more obese. Unhealthy food is easily available. We don’t move as much as we used to. Whatever the reason, people are heavier than ever before.

So why don’t more people simply take a natural product like Phen375 to help them lose weight?

Because, as mentioned before, diet pills don’t have the greatest reputation. Many diet pills are filled with powerful chemical stimulants that can act like speed. This results in manic energy, sleeplessness, mood swings, nausea, and yes, a total lack of desire to eat any food at all.

People are seduced by these pills because they seem to work so well—at first. But using them to lose weight can be dangerous and lead to serious health problems. And the second you stop taking them all the weight comes rushing back.

So everybody says “don’t take diet pills, they’re bad for you!”

But there’s a new generation of diet pills that are safer and gentler. But they’re still effective and can be taken long-term without the kind of adverse health reactions associated with other pills.

Phen375 is one of the leading brands of this new generation of weight-loss pills. These types of diet pills are becoming more and more popular as people realize, “hey, you actually can take a pill to help you lose weight. And it’s not as dangerous or unhealthy as people say.”

In fact, the health benefits of losing weight are enormous. And not just the physical benefits, but the psychological benefits as well. Losing weight can literally transform your life by altering how you view yourself and how you interact with others.

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What Are The Ingredients in Phen375?

The Phen375 formula contains a variety of high-quality natural ingredients. It’s produced in an FDA-compliant facility that ensures Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The ingredients include:

Calcium Carbonate: Studies have shown that when cells contain higher levels of calcium they burn more fat. Calcium also acts as an appetite suppressant, especially when combined with a high protein diet.

Chromium Picolinate: This important mineral helps break down protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Studies have also shown that it reduces appetite which may lead to weight loss.

L-Carnitine: This is an amino acid that is naturally produced in your body. It plays an important role in helping your body produce energy by transporting fat to your cells. It is a key ingredient in any product that may work to speed up your metabolism.

Caffeine Powder Anhydrous: This highly-refined form of caffeine is often marketed as an energy supplement and stimulant that reduces food cravings.

Coleus Forskolii Root: The natural chemicals found in the roots of this plant are associated with increased rates of fat loss, and can improve the effects of other fat burning compounds.

Citrus Aurantium: Not as popular as its juicy, flavorful cousin, this kind of orange is bitter. But it contains natural alkaloids that have been shown to significantly increase metabolic rate without negative cardiovascular effects, even after repeated doses.

Cayenne Pepper: Many researchers believe that the main active ingredient in cayenne pepper—capsaicin—may suppress your appetite and speed up your metabolism. For example, a 2014 study showed that people had fewer food cravings and increased feelings of fullness after meals when they consumed cayenne pepper.

Dendrobium Nobile Extract (from orchids): This herb has been used for medicinal purposes for over 2,000 years. Benefits include increased secretion of gastric juices to aid digestion and free the bowels.

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You Are What You Eat – Why Phen375 Can Benefit Overweight People

A natural and safe appetite suppressant like Phen375 can be very beneficial to someone who consistently overeats. If a man or woman can reduce the amount of calories they consume, they will lose weight.

For years, overweight people have blamed their glands, genes, hormones, sluggish circulation or slow metabolism for their excess poundage. But now the simple truth can be told: they eat too much. They do not just eat too much for them, as has been thought previously, but they consume more than human beings need, on an absolute, not just a relative, scale.

Dr. Andrew Prentice, a nutritionist with the Medical Research Council’s Dunn Nutrition Unit in Cambridge, has proved through meticulous laboratory tests that fat people always eat far more than thin ones whatever they may maintain to the contrary.

They do not have defective metabolisms. Dr. Prentice has found, by measuring digestive activity and energy expenditure in obese and lean people, that fat people expend far more energy and have faster metabolism than thin people with similar activity levels.

What Dr. Prentice did discover, however, in research published last week, was that fat people have no real idea how much they eat.

They may say they have bird-like appetites, and believe it, but they do not.

“The myth about slow metabolism has come about because overweight people always underestimate what they eat,” Dr. Prentice says. “Although we know there is a genetic component to being overweight, and that people come in all shapes and sizes, nobody can possibly be clinically obese unless they consistently overeat.

“Although obese people may complain about their thyroids or hormones causing their overweight state, doctors never find any problems of this kind. There is a disorder known as Prader-Willi syndrome, where a lesion in the brain means there is no appetite control, but this is extremely rare.
“Most overweight people will tell the doctor they eat hardly anything, but our research showed that this could not possibly be the case. Overweight adults and children always eat too much.”

The clinically obese are defined as those whose body mass index (which is weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared) totals 25 or over. A person 5ft 5in tall weighing 155 pounds, for example, would fall into this category. They usually eat the same amount as thinner people at meals. They may even eat less in public. But they get fat because they eat in secret, not even fully aware of it.

“We found that when we added up the actual calories taken in by obese people during a day, it added up to an enormous amount,” Dr Prentice says. “Most of our volunteers simply had no idea what they were taking in. What we have to research now is what drives some people to overeat.”

Beauchamp Colclough, the director of the Promis Recovery Center, one of the few residential centers to tackle eating disorders as an addiction similar to alcoholism or gambling, says the findings are music to his ears. “The fact is, you do not get fat simply by looking at food. Of course, everybody’s metabolism is different, but not that different,” he says. “There is no possible way that a human being can get up to 300 pounds or more without being a compulsive eater.”

At the Center, compulsive eaters are made to sit down to three good meals a day. “They have to sit there until they’ve eaten them and they are not allowed anything in between,” Mr. Colclough says. “We find, without exception, that they lose weight.”

What drives people to eat in secret and then conceal, even from themselves, what they have eaten?

“Overweight people are not mad, they are not lacking in willpower, and they are as intelligent and high-achieving as thin people,” Mr. Colclough says. “As we see it, they eat to anesthetize some deeply-felt pain. Overeaters nibble constantly for the same reason that alcoholics drink or gamblers bet—to make themselves feel better inside.”

One 25-year-old woman, who has been at the Promis Center for 11 weeks, weighed 250 pounds when she went to the center. “My problem started when I was 14 and at boarding school. At first it wasn’t in secret, but as I gained weight and people started to comment, it went underground,” she says. “I denied to myself and to everybody else that I overate and I never faced up to how much I was eating.”

She says that the regimen of eating only at mealtimes has not been easy, although group therapy with others with the same problem has helped. “I’m eating 1,200 calories a day here. I now know what it is to eat a normal amount of food a day, something I had lost sight of before. I’ve also lost at least 30 pounds and know I must never eat sugar or refined flour again.”

All overweight people, Mr. Colclough says, binge on foods containing sugar and white flour. “These foods are highly addictive, and for this reason are absent from our meals here. Compulsive eaters must never eat sugar or refined flour.”

Dr. Prentice says the good news is that when obese people are able to limit their intake to below 2,000 calories a day, often with the help of natural diet pills like Phen375, they find the weight falls off. “There’s no need to starve,” he says. “And it’s not true, as some people have maintained, that dieting makes you fat—that’s rubbish.”

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