What Are The PhenQ Ingredients?

The natural ingredients in PhenQ work together to help men and women reduce their food cravings, while at the same time increasing their metabolism.

This means that fewer calories will be consumed, while those that are consumed are burned faster. The result is steady weight loss.

Here are the ingredients in the PhenQ formula. The first one is a proprietary ingredient owned by the company that manufactures PhenQ.

a-Lacys Reset® – PhenQ suppresses your appetite, causing you to eat less. To make up for consuming fewer calories than usual, your body resorts to burning fat as fuel. This causes weight loss. The proprietary ingredient a-Lacys Reset® has been designed solely to accelerate your metabolism. This means you’ll burn fat even faster, causing more rapid weight loss than diet and exercise alone.

Capsimax Powder – Capsimax also helps to increase metabolism. It promotes a process called thermogenesis, which means generating bodily heat. One large study involving over 500 subjects reported that Capsimax Powder both reduced appetite while significantly increasing the levels of energy expended during exercise.

Chromium Picolinate – This mineral stimulates the body’s production of insulin, a hormone that converts food into energy. Studies have shown that this ingredient reduces appetite, prevents fat from building up, increases metabolism, and helps create lean muscle mass.

Caffeine – If you drink coffee, you might already realize that caffeine is an effective appetite suppressant. It can also help burn calories and reduce fat. There have been many clinical studies, including one that included over 600 people, that have shown a clear connection between caffeine and decreased levels of fat, body mass index (BMI), and weight.

Nopal – This natural plant is often sold as a weight loss supplement. It contains high levels of fiber which makes you feel full, preventing food cravings. It also helps your body break down fat. And the compounds found in this plant encourage the flow of water from your tissue into your bloodstream, reducing water retention and cellulite. Finally, the amino acids found in Nopal have also been shown to reduce fatigue and restore energy.

L-Carnitine Fumarate – This ingredient is an amino acid that facilitates the removal of fatty acids from your cells so they can be burned for energy. One large study found that men and women who took L-Carnitine lost 3 pounds more than those who received a placebo.

PhenQ Ingredients Alone Will Help

The great thing about this supplement is that its ingredients will help you lose weight even if you don’t get out and exercise much. Your appetite will be sufficiently reduced to make a difference when you step on the scale.

However, if you combine PhenQ with exercise and a healthy eating plan, you can see much faster results.

The ingredients in these pills are 100% natural and are safe to use every day. You won’t experience any bad side effects.

If PhenQ doesn’t work, you can return the product and get a full refund. You have 60 days to try it out, which is long enough to see if you like it. There’s nothing to lose.

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