PhenQ vs Thermofight X – Which One is Better?

PhenQ and Thermofight X are both natural weight loss supplements. They work by suppressing the appetite, although both also claim to speed up the metabolism, enabling fat to be burned quicker.

If you can suppress your appetite, you should be able to lose weight. That’s why these kinds of pills are so popular right now.

PhenQ, for example, has been sold to nearly 200,000 customers worldwide. Thermofight X is also quite popular. But which one of these products works best?

PhenQ Ingredients vs Thermofight X Ingredients

PhenQ is famous for its proprietary ingredient called α-Lacys Reset®. No other weight loss supplement contains this ingredient.

There was a large study involving α-Lacys Reset®. Subjects were either given the ingredient or a placebo for 60 days.

The subjects who took α-Lacys Reset® lost considerably more body fat and body weight than the control group. They also increased muscle mass.


Thermofight X, on the other hand, contains a lot of caffeine, which is a natural appetite suppressant. Basically, the main ingredient in this product is green tea extract.

Now, green tea is great. And there’s evidence that it can help you lose weight. But rather than spending your money on Thermofight X, you might as well just buy green tea, which is much cheaper.

PhenQ Has a Better Reputation Than Thermofight X

The biggest problem with Thermofight X is that there are a lot of unresolved complaints, according to the Better Business Bureau, a well-known consumer watchdog group based in the U.S.

Thermofight X

The Better Business Bureau gives the company that manufactures Thermofight X a grade of C+, which isn’t so great.

The company that manufactures PhenQ, on the other hand, isn’t listed in the Better Business Bureau because it’s a European company.

But the company’s manufacturing labs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Plus, Europe has much tougher laws regarding natural supplements than the U.S.

Although it’s not listed in the Better Business Bureau, the company that manufactures PhenQ gets an A- rating from the consumer organization

PhenQ ratings

My Personal Results Using PhenQ

After reading about all the customer complaints regarding Thermofight X, I didn’t want to spend my money and order it. I thought I’d try PhenQ first.

I ordered a two-month supply of these pills. I took them every day as directed and recorded my weight each and every morning at the same time. I didn’t exercise much or do anything different from my usual routine.

When I started, I weighed just under 145 pounds. After 60 days I was down to a little over 134 pounds.

That’s a 10-pound weight loss in two months. I think that’s excellent considering I wasn’t even really trying!

Here’s a graph of my weight loss during those two months.


There’s no doubt that PhenQ works as advertised. I lost about 5 pounds a month without much effort, and I didn’t experience any kind of negative side effects.

I believe that this product is worth the money.

Clearly, if it’s a choice between PhenQ and Thermofight X, I would choose PhenQ without hesitation.


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