You Can’t Buy PhenQ in Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, or Amazon

When people first learn about PhenQ diet pills they often want to rush out and buy them immediately.

But this product is not available in stores. It can’t be found in Walgreens, Walmart, GNC, or CVS. It’s not even available on Amazon!

So where can you buy it?

PhenQ can only be purchased online at the official website for the product. Ordering is very simple—you can pay with a credit or debit card. There are other payment options available as well.

Shipping is free on all orders. And you can order from anywhere in the world. Delivery is quick—your order will be sent out in less than 48 hours.


One of the best reasons to buy PhenQ from the official website is because you’ll be eligible for the 60-day money-back guarantee.

This means that if you decide to return the pills within 60 days, you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked. Sixty days is plenty of time to see whether you’re losing weight or not.

Nearly 200,000 customers have bought this product, and many of them continue to re-order. But it’s always nice to have the option of returning a product if you want to.

Products in Walmart and Walgreens are Mass-Produced

Most of the natural health products that you find in stores like Walmart or Walgreens are mass-produced by huge corporations.

The ingredients contained in these products are often not of the highest quality. You can find better products of this type online.

One of the reasons PhenQ is so effective is because its ingredients are tested and re-tested for quality and strength.

Some of these ingredients cannot be mass produced, such as α-Lacys Reset®. This ingredient is proprietary, which means that the company that makes PhenQ owns the patent to it.

A major study showed that people who took α-Lacys Reset® reduced their body fat and body weight significantly more than those who took a placebo.

This ingredient, which can’t be found in any other weight loss product, is a major reason why PhenQ works so well.

PhenQ is Not Just An Appetite Suppressant

These pills also “heat up” your metabolism, allowing your body to burn fat at a much faster rate than normal. So not only will you eat less, but the calories from food that you do eat will be burned away more efficiently.

Other ingredients in this supplement elevate mood and increase energy. When people lose weight, they often feel fatigued, and even a little down mentally.

This can be a problem because that’s when men and women are tempted to start eating too much. These diet pills are specially designed to prevent this from happening.

You simply won’t find a product like PhenQ in stores like GNC, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, or even Amazon.

Another good reason to buy this product from the official website is that they often have “flash sales”. For example, right now a coupon code is available which allows customers to get 20% off their entire purchase.



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